Vocation – Pushing the Boundary?

Today I began reading a book entitled ‘Hearing the Call: Stories of Young Vocation’ by Jonathan Lawson and Gordon Mursell. The foreword and first chapter (entitled:’Hearing the Call’) have offered space for me to pause and think and reflect upon my own sense of vocation. This post focuses on a part of the book I would not expect to be reflecting upon, the foreword.

The foreword for the book is written by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Two things among his foreword stood out to me. With the first being:

‘But the hard thing to grasp is that, because God has made us and invested the most costly kind of love in our lives, God understands more than we ever can or shall about what really makes us flourish, indeed what makes us real’

In talking about vocation he makes mention of the fact that God knows and understands us more than we can ever truly know ourselves and this comes through the God’s creation of, and love for, us. It is an expression of this love that God makes our vocation that which will make us flourish and more real.

What struck me most was where he progresses to make the comment that: ‘it doesn’t take long to release that these invitations are likely to take us well beyond our comfort zones’. God’s vocational calling is God calling us to the best that he knows we are capable of but that can mean God calling us to a vocation that is beyond our own personal conceptions and comfort zones that we place for ourselves.

This is the experience I have when I come to reflect upon that which I perceive my calling to be; a calling leading me towards the exploration to become a priest within the Church of England. I trust and believe that this is what God is calling me towards but that does not mean I have my difficulties about this. Rowan Williams’ comment about realisation of the invitation taking us beyond our comfort zone is the place that I am currently in when reflecting upon what I believe to be my vocation. I believe I am called, I believe God will equip and enable me, BUT that does not stop me feeling like God is leading me out of my comfort zone because of boundaries and scenarios I have established for myself.