Time and the change it brings

Recently there has been a post on my Facebook newsfeed that keeps reappear as those involved keep commenting and discussing the topic. The theme? Time and time in relation to God.

This led me to think about how time has played a part in my life. How things change as time progresses. How as time goes on there is a development that occurs as a result of new experiences. I looked back upon the only other blog post on this blog, one which was written December 26, 2013. One that was written during the Christmas holidays of my first year of LST. It was a reflection on my first term of LST in regards to life away from home. A new experience at the time.

Recently, while reflecting upon time, I’ve been thinking about the common phrase ‘absence makes the heart fonder’. A phrase that is used by many people for many different things – used to describe anything from people to places. Initially, this was something that definitely rang true for me in my life. While I was away from home, I longed in greater depth for at home. Absence from really did make my heart fonder for home. However, I’ve since spent a lot more time away from home. In fact, since starting LST I’ve spent more time away from home than I have at home. The feeling and fondness that was once growing for home while I was absent seems to have gone. As time has progressed, as I and things in my life have changed and developed, the saying ‘absence makes the heart fonder’ appears to be, in my case, a hopeful thought rather than a truth.

I find myself at home again. The summer of my second year. Preparing for my third and final year at LST and I notice this – the period of absence that I have now experienced from home did initially make my heart fonder for home, I appear to have now progressed from this. The absence has now made me realise something – the place that I once called home is now home in the regard that it is where I live. It is, however, no longer the place in which my heart calls home. The affect of time has been that I have reconcidered my surroundings and where my life is going – time has changed me and has led to the realisation that it’s soon time to move on.

A development that has come about as a result of my character and life being influenced and developed in my time away. A development and a change that I strongly believe has been influenced by God’s formation of my character.


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